Spring Break Camp

Bring Out Their Compassionate Side

Humane Indiana's Sprig Break Camp is a five-day camp where kids ages 7 to 12 learn about species native to Indiana and their environment. Camp will be held March 26-30.

Camp takes place at Humane Indiana’s North Shelter, 421 45th Ave., Munster, IN, from 9 am-2 pm. Campers are asked to bring their own lunches but snack and water will be provided.

Camp is now FULL! 

Registration fee is $150. 

Animal Careers

Does your child want to work with animals? Many animal careers are available for those who want work with and help domesticated and wild animals. Campers will work in and explore the shelter and will hear stories and participate in activities and games focused on animal behavior, wildlife rehabilitation, kennel management, veterinary medicine and animal control careers.

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Simply fill out our form registration form below and reserve your spot. Every camper is required to have completed our Winter Camp forms before participating in camp activities. For more information, please contact Nicole Harmon at education@humaneindiana.org 

Cancellation: Cancellations must be made at least one week prior to the start of your chosen camp session to re-ceive a refund.

Late Fee: Children must be picked up promptly at 2 p.m. and no later than 2:15 pm. Parents/ Guardians will be charged a fee of $1 for each minute they are late after 2:30 p.m.

Disciplinary Action: Parents agree to read the Camper Behavior Contract form with their camper. Humane Indiana reserves the right to dismiss a child from session, without refund, for incidents of disruptive, harmful, or risky behavior.

First Aid: Humane Indiana will administer basic first aid. Humane Indiana will not administer over-the- counter medications. If an injury requires more than basic first aid, parents will be contacted to come take care of their camper.

Camp Preparedness: Parents must make sure that your camper is prepared for the activity provided each day. It is strongly recommended that participants wear close toed shoes and dress accordingly for the various activities planned. 

Photography Release: Parents will review and sign a photo release if they give permission for their child’s picture to be used in public service, promotional, educational or internet materials for Humane Indiana.

Camper Family Information
Emergency Contact
Child Pick-Up / Drop-Off Authorization

Discover Wildlife Camp Behavior Agreement

Wildlife Camp is a fun and educational experience that can sometimes be hindered by a camper’s negative behavior. The camp experience requires a combined commitment of all campers, parents, and staff to help make it a successful experience for all.

Parents and guardians, please review this Behavior Agreement to encourage a positive attitude and safe en-vironment during Humane Indiana’s Wildlife Camp.

Camper Expectations:

  • Show respect to other campers, volunteers, and animals. Campers must listen to staff when participating in activities, especially when animals are present.
  • Refrain from the use of bad language.
  • Remain with camp group under the supervision of staff at all times.
  • Show respect to Humane Indiana by cleaning up after themselves.
  • Physical contact– fighting, pushing, kicking, etc. will not be tolerated.

Three Strike Policy:

  • Strike 1: After an incident occurs where a camper has conducted himself or herself out of line of the expectations listed above, a staff member will address the concern with the camper. After a solution is determined, campers will continue in the activity. Depending on the severity of incident, staff will report concerns to the parent/guardian at pick up.
  • Strike 2: Camper will be removed from the activity and will speak with the Humane Educator and staff to determine a solution. Parents will be notified by a phone call.
  • Strike 3: Although we never anticipate sending a camper home, if severe behavior conitinues, parents will be asked to pick up their child immediately.
Medical / Health Information
Will your child bring medication to camp?
Will your child bring an inhaler or EpiPEn to camp?
Is there any reason your child’s activities should be limited?

In the event that paramedics are called, please list all medication(s) currently taken by your child:

ALLERGY ALERT! Please note that Humane Indiana is an environment with potential allergens (pet dander, peanuts, etc.) Humane Indiana is not a peanut-free environment . We cannot protect against exposure to these allergens. If your child is susceptible to allergic reactions, please be sure that you have taken all necessary precautions and notify our staff of your child's allergies.

Liability Waiver, Epinephrine and Inhaler Authorization, and Photo Release Forms Download Waiver Forms

Thank you for registering to Humane Indiana’s Spring Break Camp

We look forward to having you!

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