South Shelter

Humane Indiana South Shelter

10255 Wicker Street | St. John, IN 46373

Hours: Mon.-Fri. : 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. | Sat: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. | Sun: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Things You Need To Do & Know

Follow Our Adoption Procedures to Bring Your Companion Home.

Visit our shelters. We can help you find the “purr-fect” pet. Our staff and volunteers can help you identify an animal(s) that fits your home and lifestyle. When you’re ready to meet with the selected animal(s), a staff member or approved volunteer are the only ones authorized to remove animals from their cages.

Complete an adoption application. We want to know all about you! After all, we get attached to our animals, too, and want to make sure they’re going to a loving home. After making an adoption decision, please provide the front desk receptionist with a name, cage number or description of the animal and complete an adoption application. Staff members or volunteers are available to assist you.

1. We’ll work with you to ensure that it’s a win-win situation for you and the animal you select. Potential adopters will meet with an adoption counselor to ensure a good fit for the adopter’s home environment and lifestyle. 

2. To be sure you’re really ready to adopt a pet, potential adopters must show a photo ID and be 21 years of age and up. 

3. We know how exciting it can be to adopt a pet, so animals may be available to take home the day you visit. Please note, however same-day adoptions are not guaranteed. We promise to proceed with adoptions as soon as possible. 

4. After adoption is approved, we can only hold animals for 24 hours. We need to make room for the next group of pets who need a place to stay while they wait for their forever home.

5. We take adoption very seriously, so Humane Indiana reserves the right to deny any application.

Adoption Fees. How can we “vet” the animals to make sure they’re healthy and ready to go home with you? Included in adoption fees are basic care provided at the shelter, spay/neuter surgery, deworming, heartworm test, heartworm preventive (and treatment if needed), an ear check for mites, a nail trim, flea/tick preventive, vaccines, rabies vaccine and a microchip implantation.

Dogs & Puppies 

Large Dogs (over 30 lbs.): $175

Small Dogs (under 30 lbs.): $275

Puppies (under 6 months): $375

Senior dogs (over 7 years, depending on weight class): $75

Additional fees may apply

Taking your new pet home. Just like a new baby coming home from the hospital, you’ll want to make sure your new pet travels safely. Please bring a leash and collar or cat carrier to transport your pet. These items and more may be purchased at our adoption centers. Proceeds support the life-saving work of Humane Indiana.

Contact us if you have questions about procedures.

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