Shelter Policies

Our Euthanasia Policy

Humane Indiana operates under a “no kill” philosophy. This means we never euthanize an animal to provide space for another incoming animal, nor do we euthanize based on age or breed. We do our best to place every adoptable animal that comes through our shelter. Animals suffering untreatable illnesses or that are too aggressive for adoption are euthanized for the benefit of the animal and the community. We make every effort to ensure the animals we adopt to into the community are healthy and behaviorally safe.

Because we do not euthanize for space or based on time limit, we are sometimes forced to turn animals away. We make every effort to avoid this unfortunate reality, but it is important to the health and safety of the animals in our care that we know our limits. We are always trying to find way to expand the scope of what we are able to do and how many animals we are able to help.

Behavior Program

Dogs who present behaviors such as aggression towards other dogs or resource guarding (food, toys, etc.) receive one-on-one training sessions with staff and volunteers in our behavior program. The program also includes enrichment activities for all dogs including: play groups, Kong and other toys, aromatherapy, and more.

Asilomar Accords

The Asilomar Accords is a set of Guiding Principles, standardized definitions, a table for tracking shelter populations and a formula for determining live release rates for a no-kill system. This provides a universal system for shelters operating within a no-kill philosophy.

The Asilomar Accords were created in 2004 by a group of animal welfare industry leaders from around the country to create guidelines to significantly reduce the euthanasia of healthy and treatable animals in the United States. They were created by representatives from organizations like the Humane Society of the United States, American Humane Association, Society of Animal Welfare Administrators, Maddie's Fund and various individual Humane Societies.

Vegetarian Menu Policy

Humane Indiana’s mission is to “lead the community in the humane treatment of animals.” To fully realize our mission, Humane Indiana will only serve vegetarian and/or vegan food options at all agency events. Humane Indiana recognizes that food preferences are a matter of personal choice and that a person can eat meat and still love animals. However, Humane Indiana believes that to truly be a leader in the humane treatment of animals, all Humane Indiana events must be meat free. For events in which Humane Indiana participates with other organizations, but is not the event host, leadership will make every effort to encourage all vegetarian or vegan food. Partnering organizations are to be informed that vegetarian options should be available and that they are preferred.

Prescription Medication Donation Policy

Humane Indiana is unable to accept any donations of prescription medication, but we are happy to accept any donations of flea and tick preventive. Federal regulations require old, expired, or leftover medications be disposed by a licensed agency. We thank you for thinking of the animals of Humane Indiana, but legally we are unable to have, dispose, or dispense any donated prescription medications. If you have unwanted prescription medication, you should contact the doctor or veterinarian who prescribed the medication for proper disposal. For more information about medication disposal, visit the FDA™ website.

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