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Purchases at our Resale Shoppe support Humane Indiana’s shelter.

Since 2004, thanks to the generosity of donations from our community, Humane Indiana’s Resale Shoppe has provided monetary support toward the care and sheltering of thousands of animals. In fact, as of 2016, the store has raised over $1 million.

Browse the main displays and the endless aisles of merchandise and you’re sure to find hidden gems. Whether you’re a bargain shopper or looking for a unique relic of the past, our Resale Shoppe offers quality donated items in great condition, at amazing prices.

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Sun: 12pm-4pm | Mon: 10-5pm | Tues: 10-5pm |  Wed:10-5pm | Thurs: 10-5pm | Fri: 10-6pm | Sat: 10-6pm

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Order online from our Resale Shoppe. It’s easy to support the animals from the comfort of your home.

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We create donation magic! Join us with your donations

From desks to dog food, couches to cat toys and books to birdseed, we turn your donations into cash to care for the animals.

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Looking for a Bargain?

We get donations often and mark down many items each week. For an extra-special bonus, look for our discount coupon in Speak! Magazine.

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